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Community Amenities

  • Laundry Facilities


  • Efficient Appliances
  • Disposal
  • Dishwasher
  • Handrails
  • Extra Storage

Pet Policy

Residents with permission to keep a pet are permitted to keep no more than 1 dog or 1 cat per unit.  No more than two small, caged birds may be kept in any apartment.  An aquarium for fish may not exceed 10 gallons.  No more than two (2) small caged animals, i.e. gerbil or hamster, may be kept in any apartment.  Small pets must be kept in a cage at all times.  No exotic, wild, or dangerous animals, snakes or any other pet are not permitted in apartment by state or local laws.  No pet’s mature growth shall exceed 18 inches in height, measured from ground to shoulder, nor weigh more than 30 pounds.  Pets over 15 pounds are not permitted on second floor apartments and Landlord will restrict certain breeds. Breeding of animals is prohibited.  Unauthorized animals, or a guest’s animals may not be kept in your apartment, even temporarily. A non-refundable pet fee in the amount of $250.00 will be charged for each apartment where a dog or cat resides (the fee rule does not apply to animals that assist persons with reasonable accommodations)